Friday, 16 February 2018

TU GTC Support

Technological Universities Study Support Program
This website contains the reference books for TU Engineering Courses Curriculums.
If any link is not working, please send the link to
TU Teachers can freely upload their lessons & notes to
Filefactory can allow free uploads up to 3 months. If you want to house your files permanently, you can send your link to also mention your name and name of your TU. We will download your resources and repost to permanent hosting site and provide you with the link.
MyanmarTechnological University Curriculum
If unsafe to download appears, do the following things.
·        Save as
·        (Unsafe to download)—Click VIEW DOWNLOAD
·        Highlight the file
·        Click the right click
·        Click- Download unsafe file
·        Please note that there is no virus in the files in my links but filefactory site is online file sharing site and windows explorer sometime prevents the file to download.
·      To report not working link

·        Download the word file from the following link

·        Highlight the not working links with RED Colour

·        Then send it to
·        It will be easier for System Administrator to find out the resources for NOT WORKING LINKS.

Other BE Level Curriculums

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