Friday, 16 February 2018

Open Public Courses

Myanmar Engineering Society Courses Online Reference
Adobe Photoshop Online References

Quantity Survey Training
Project Management

Construction Quality Control Health & Safety References
Renewable Energy Resources Analysis

Renewable Energy Resources Analysis 2 (Myanmar+English)
Topics-Water Turbines
Renewable Energy Resources Analysis 3 (Myanmar+English)
Topics-Bio-Energy, Thermo Chemical
Renewable Energy Resources Analysis 4 (Myanmar+English)
Topics-Bio-Chemical Processing, Geo-thermal Energy, Tidal Energy
Renewable Energy Resources Analysis 5 (Myanmar+English)
Topics-Tidal Wave Generators, Connection to Electricity Grid
Maung Oo Engineers who have watched five on-line CPD course RE005 videos can send the name & e-mail address to to receive free 2 hours CPD certificate issued by Australian IQY Technical College electronically
Chemical Engineers Reference

Explosion Protection  Reference
Design of Electrical Services in Building
Building Service Electrical-Load Calculation +Cable selection AS3000/2007
Electrical Fitting
Building Airconditioning & Refrigeration System Part 2 . Engineers who have viewed those videos can send e-mail to to receive free 3 hours PDP Certificate issued by IQY Technical College (Australia branch)
Building Plumbing & Gas fitting
Building Airconditioning & Ventilation System Part 1
Building Electrical Wiring Australian Wiring Standard AS3000:2007
Building Service Electrical-Load Calculation +Cable selection AS3000/2007
Building Service Electrical-Load Calculation +Cable selection AS3000/2007
Electrical Safety references according to Australian Wiring Standard AS3000/2007 can be downloaded from the following link.
Geotechnical Engineering
Reference Textbook

 Traffic Engineering
Road Design Online Lesson

Traffic Engineering References 22Part 2-BAE623 Surveying Traffic Engineering

Grid Connect Solar Electrical System

Building Construction Engineering(Civil)

Design & Analysis of Shell Structures(Civil+Mechanical)
English for Politicians
Maximum Demand Calculation & Cable Selection—Thanlyin TU- 5 Jan 2016 Lecture
Circuit Breakers

Collected by Dr Kyaw Naing MIEAust, RPEQ (Electrical), FSIET

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